Making an Apple ID in another country

Authored by reed on Nov 1 2017, 6:03 PM.
Yes, it's possible to do this. You just need patience and fake data. (Google it!)
This exploits an old trick that's been around since the App Store even launched, where you can force the Billing section to give you the None option back. You'll see it when you try it :)
Also please don't switch the region on your Apple ID. It has odd side effects.
You're better off making another Apple ID.
1. Sign out of your Apple ID. You'll sign back into it later, but make sure you know your password and stuff or you'll have to go through a "Forgot Password?" process. This will also reset your Touch ID for purchases setting but this can be easily set back up also (at the end of the tutorial)
2. Make an email account somewhere. Gmail would be good for this as Apple can probably deliver email to it. I wouldn't do any temporary emails.
3. Once you have that, find a direct app link that is exclusive to that region. Just Google around for that regions App Store and you'll eventually come across their top free apps. It's also important to find an app exclusive to that region because if the app is not exclusive to the region, your App Store won't prompt you to change to the other Store where that app is located.
4. When you switch over, the best thing to do is to find a random free app and try to get it. If you're signed out you'll be promoted to sign into an existing Apple ID or create a new one. We want to create a new one exclusive to this region, so tap that.
5. Fill in the email you created and a password for that Apple ID, agree to the Terms, and fill out the next page with your data or fake data you've found. It doesn't matter. I'd take a screenshot of your security questions in case you forget them.
6. In the billing section, if you've done everything right, you'll be able to select "None" as a payment option. Tap "None" and fill in the billing info with fake data. (You can google "<region here> info generator" and you'll come across a few results.) Do not fill it out with your data as in other countries there are different ways of doing addresses.
7. When you tap Next, you'll be asked to go to your email and get the verification code. Get it and tap "Next."
8. If you've done everything right, you'll be told the account was created successfully. You may still be in the US store when you tap continue, so just try to download a free app and it will kick you to the other regions app store.
9. Search the app you want, and download it. You'll be promoted for your password, just type it in and you'll be downloading it. (If you're asked to use Touch ID for purchases, I wouldn't do it.)
10. Once it's downloaded (please wait for the app to finish installing and downloading!) or you've finished up what you need to do, go back to Settings > iTunes & App Store, tap on your Apple ID and sign out. You can now sign back into your normal Apple ID and you'll have the out-of-region app you wanted! (You may be prompted that your App Store is in the incorrect region, just let it switch back over to US and you'll be good.)
11. (optional, only if you used Touch ID to confirm purchases on the App Store) If you used Touch ID for your purchases, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and tap the toggle for it. You'll be asked for your password, just type it in and Touch ID will be enabled again for purchases.

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